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Crafting Quality & Memories

In our beloved neighborhood, there's a special place that combines cherished memories with the aroma of freshly baked bread and brewed coffee. It's where life's rhythm finds meaning, ideas take flight, and love and friendships flourish.

This bakery isn't just a business to us; it's a commitment to preserving those moments that shape our lives. From early mornings with the sun rising to breaks with a warm cup of coffee and a fresh loaf, it's about being part of your journey.
Our journey started in 2020 when we found ourselves yearning for the nostalgic comfort of a local bakery just around the corner, while living in the midst of a bustling concrete jungle.

We aimed to create a local bakery that serves residents, becoming an integral part of their daily routines. A place where you can grab freshly baked bread or loaf for the family and friends, or enjoy a quick tasty bread before heading to work.
Quality is our priority, reflected in every loaf. We use the finest ingredients, believing freshly baked goods enhance life's quality. Whether it's the nostalgia of your parents' trips to the local bakery or the joy of savoring bread made with care, our goal is to add quality to your mornings, infuse purpose into your days, and ignite your passion with warm smiles.

To us, you bring meaning to our early mornings, infuse our craft with purpose, and ignite our passion with your delightful smiles. We are grateful to be part of your daily routine.
This incredible coming together of the community inspires us to excel and find new sources of inspiration in everything we do at KIJI Bakehouse.
Visit us! We're located at:
KIJI Bakehouse, Unit 11 G/F Verve Residences 1,
26th St. BGC, Taguig City 1634
Open daily: 7am-9pm
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