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Join the KIJI Club

Earn points and turn them into free croissants!

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    Sign Up

    • Sign up as a member to start enjoying the KIJI Club loyalty program. Instantly become loyal croissant connoisseurs.

  2. 02

    Earn KIJI Points

    • Place an online order

      Get 1 KIJI Points for every ₱1 spent

    • Sign up to the site

      Get 800 KIJI Points

  3. 03

    Redeem Croissants

    • Order discount

      20 KIJI Points = ₱1 discount

    • 5% OFF for 2500 points

      2,500 KIJI Points = 5% off for all tickets

Note: Points can only be redeemed in our online store, and cannot be used in our physical address.

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